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Axial bush
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Axial bush
We product all kinds of copper casting which used in chain equipment. The specification have: Winding machine: Punch sleeve:LG1-0952 ~ 0952, LG1-1905, LG1-2540,LG1-3175 Bearing:LG1 LG1-0952 ~ 1270-3175 Spindle bearing shell LG1-1905, LG1-2540 Eccentric sleeve LG1-1905, LG1-2540, LG1-3175 LZ1- 0952-0952 assembly machine : Transmission sleeve, Left-camshaft sleeve, Transmission clutch friction ring, Charging electric insurance contact, Electrical insurance sleeve, Horizontal body copper sleeve, Magazine type labyrinth sliders.LZ2540 simplex roller chain assembly machine: Drive shaft sleeve(right, left), Camshaft sleeve (left, middle, right), Axial bush, The big-belt-wheel sleeve, Clutch fork, Eccentric sleeve, Pressure-shaft-connecting-pin sleeve. Riveting head machine: Bearing shell LZ7-0952 ~ 905, Roll shaft bearing shell LZ7-2540 ~ 3810 Pin machine: Roller bushing LX1-2540 ~ 3810I, transmission bush LX1-2540 ~ 3810I,Right-tool-apron cushion block LX1-2540 ~ 5080II,Big roll bushing LX1-0952 ~ 1905 , Spindle bearing shell LX1-0952 ~ 1905 ,Adjust sleeve LX1-0952 ~ 1905 Type specification complete, the quality is reliable.
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