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odd shaped cast
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odd shaped cast
We also produced non-standard parts which from various industries required.According to the customer request,We manufacture different rough castings and precision parts, There are copper and brass alloys casting、aluminum bronze casting、high tensile bronze casting、high tensile brass casting、aluminum castings、and zinc alloy castings. Warmly welcome customers from different places to send us drawings of samples or samples for manufacturing. Grades comparison:H58,H59,H62,H63,ZQSn6-6-3,QAL10-4-4,QAL9-4,ZQSn5-5-5,ZQSn10-1(ZCuSn10Pb1),ZCuSn10Pb10,ZCuSn12,QSn4-3,ZCuSn10Zn2,ZHMn58-2-2,HMn57-3-1,ZCuZn40Mn2,ZCuZn38Mn2Pb2 etc. American-Standard Grades comparison:C85700,C85500,C84500,C83600,C95800,C86500,C92200,C93700 etc. Professional casting, precision machining, Inexpensive high-quality, factory direct sales, after-sale-time, welcome to customization!
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