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Foundry Technology
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Brass Bushing Copper Cast Gear Machining Worm gear Casting
Continuous casting
Principle: cooling (from liquid to solid state cooling) time is very short, make swim free atoms  which is not unity has been set. Take molten metal  constantly poured into a mold which called special metal mold in solidification (crust) of the castings, continuously pull from the other side of the mold, it can obtain arbitrary length or the length of the specific casting.
Features and advantages: uniform wear-resisting.
Centrifugal casting
Principle: liquid metal poured into the rotation casting, under the centrifugal force, the action of the filling and solidification.
Features and advantages: feeding effect is good, organization density is high, good mechanical performance, it is a kind of save material, save energy consumption, high benefit of technology
Sand casting
Principle: first, do the sandbox tooling, throwing sand into the casting
Features and advantages: low cost, small deformation, it is fit to be in the form of geometric shapes and three-dimensional parts.
Cold and extrusion profiles
Principle: the common die casting filling, squeeze casting feeding.
Features and advantages: It  solves traditional die casting, vacuum die-casting technology widespread air tightness (mainly shrinkage cavity and shrinkage) quality problems, eliminate all sorts of shrinkage defects.
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